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Cozy Smart Flame™

Cozy Smart Flame™

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This is the new Cozy Smart Flame™- a beautiful aroma diffuser and humidifier. But it is much more!  It's a multipurpose item. It features an alarm clock, clock and is also a music speaker. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy music!

A fantastic 3 in 1 item to create a magic atmosphere in your home: humidifier (you can add some essential oil drops for aromatherapy), clock/alarm and Bluetooth speaker.  

It's designed to decorate the spaces of your home with great elegance, it is a wonderful way to give a magical scent to your home with the scenic effect from the flames.

These are some functions of our Cozy Smart Flame:

 Aromatherapy: a fantastic aroma diffuser for every ambiance of your house.

Clock & alarm : it's equipped with a digital clock and it can be used as an alarm clock. 

 Physical touch buttons for full control: you can use your phone or the buttons under the clock to control the music playback and clock/alarm function.

 Flame and Led Colour: it has a scenographic flame effect, that will make it a special item to decor your home.

 30 days money back guarantee! You love it or you get 100% of your money back. No risk.

Some other features of our Cozy Smart Flame™ are the Timing mode, so you can decide how long the humidifier function should be on. Auto Shut Off function that, thanks to built-in intelligent chip, it will automatically stop working when there is a lack of water, making it very safe and reliable. Ultra Silent working, featuring an ultra-quiet operation mode at 25dB: perfect for a peaceful environment that relax your mood, relieve stress & improve your sleep quality.

A modern item and the best technology to improve the air and breathing in your home, with a classic touch of elegance.

 Live life in the ultimate comfort. Your happiness is our top priority.

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Customer Reviews

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Estelle Johnson
Trendy speaker ✨

My new fav bluetooth speaker 😍 easy to use, nice atmosphere in the dark in my room with flame, few drops of some Frankincense essential oil ❤️‍🔥
At last but not least, useful alarm clock ⏰

Mario usa

It's perfect in my bedroom. I use it for aromatherapy and relax. I love to watch the flame effect. Really beautiful 😍