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Neck Storm Pro™

Neck Storm Pro™

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Would you like to escape the discomfort of sweltering summer heat and freezing winter cold? Do you want to enjoy the comfort of a perfect temperature wherever you go?

Our Neck Storm Pro™ is the perfect solution to cool you down during hot summer days and warm you up during cold winter days. With its advanced technology, Neck Storm produces a cool breeze when it's hot and warm up your neck when it's cold.

Discover why Neck Storm Pro™ is an absolute game changer!

  Cooling and Heating in 1 product! Perfect for every season.

  Long lasting battery 6000 mAh: up to 8h of autonomy. No worries.

  Recharging it's super easy: it's equipped with a USB Type-C, the same as your smartphone!

  Faster efficiency: according to the laws of thermodynamics, the smaller the area of conductive metal, the faster the cold or heat conduction

  30 days money back guarantee! You love it or you get 100% of your money back. No risk.

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  1. Battery capacity: 6000mAh
  2. Battery voltage: 3.7V
  3. Input: 5V
  4. Charging current: 1.8A
  5. Motor speed: 2000-5000 rpm
  6. Net weight: 400g | 880 lbs
  7. Material: ABS, silicone, aluminium alloy
  8. Product size: 176mm*216mm*40mm | 6.9''D*8.5''W*1.5''H

Can Neck Storm be taken on any flight?

You can bring Neck Storm on virtually any flight.

However, it's always a good idea to call your specific airline and ask if there are any restrictions regarding bringing neck air conditionesr or neck fans on board.

Some airlines may not permit its due to safety concerns.

30 days money back guarantee for any reason

Undamaged products in their original package complete with every accessory can be returned for a full refund for any reason within 30 days of purchase.
Customers must notify the customer service team who will provide the return label, contact the courier to return the products themselves, and proactively inform them of the return tracking number.
After the warehouse receives the returned package, the customer service team will issue a refund immediately.

Please consult our refund policy for further informations.

One year warranty

All Cozy Zone products are covered with warranty for one year from the date of its original purchase.
If any problems occur, please contact the Cozy Zone Customer Support Center via email

Please consult our refund policy for further informations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Samantha M.
This is the future!

I am so happy with this purchase, it arrived in 2 weeks in perfect condition.
What can I say, I love it! It works great, cools so much from the summer heat with the help of the 3 pads and the air coming in from the up and down vents.
I can really say it feels like air conditioning . Super product! 🙂

Dylan Thomas
The mother of ALL neck fans

This is the most advanced neck fan I have ever used. In my house we have about 7 different types from 7 different manufacturers. Of these, I have three with cooling patches. Two of them only have two areas that cool. This one has three areas that cool down. All three have very similar battery life when the cooling pads are on.

The biggest advantage of this unit over the others is that it heats and cools with the same metal pads. Unbelievable! I have used it as a heating pad for sore neck muscles. The heating option seems to absorb the energy more quickly. It works for just under 2 hours.

This neck fan may be expensive, but it is definitely worth every penny. I almost forgot to mention that the first one I received had a buzzing noise coming from the left fan when it was running. It sounded like the fan blade was rubbing. I immediately ordered a replacement and this one worked beautifully. An excellent purchase.

Karen G.
A traveller's perfect companion

As a summer traveller I can say this is the best purchase I could make to enjoy my summertime. Going around the most beautiful cities in the world with this fantastic product around my neck it's really incredible. It looks like having air-con even outdoor, even in the hottest hours. So I recommend this product to everyone, especially those who spend many hours outdoor ❤️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rebecca Hadley

This surprised me!!!This!!! I struggled to convince myself to order this because of the price and the fact that there are a gazillion of these things out there lol! But, I HATE the heat ... and it affects me a lot these days, so, I gave it a go! First of all, this obviously cools and has fans to wear around your neck ... but where this one excels and beats all comers is that the plates on the back DRASTICALLY cools in a literal matter of seconds, but heats up in a matter of seconds as well! And yes, I've said before that I hate the heat...but when it's freezing outside, I'm thrilled to take this warmer with me and experience something like this, lol! I thought I would look silly wearing it or that it would be uncomfortable...but it is neither! It actually feels like a pair of headphones! And the comfort of fresh air and freezing plates on the back make up for the "silly" look hahaha! It's worth it ;-)It also charges pretty fast with a Type C charger, which is always a PRO for me, since almost everything charges with Type C chargers now! The price was my biggest complaint, but after trying it for a few weeks I feel the price is worth it and I've seen a gazillion of this type of gadget and none compare to this bad boy!!! Highly recommended!!!

Mark D.
Great purchase so far!

I only gave it a 4-star rating because I only had it for one day. I am planning a trip to Florida in a few weeks and plan to try it out to see if it really keeps me cool. After the trip I will update the rating if necessary. The neck fan, however, cooled down almost immediately. Maybe 5 seconds before it reached the optimal cooling temperature. Then, by accident, I pressed the heat button and it probably took 10 seconds to warm up from cold. I don't think I use the heat function very often, if at all. But the cooling function is the main reason I bought it. The fans also help circulate air on the neck and face. Also, I like the snug fit on my neck, which doesn't make me think it will fall off or anything. I don't do much jogging or running, but I think if I did it would be snug enough to restrict movement.